Flex Camp is a customized VIP Private Training Group for those who don’t want to deal with the craziness of a busy and crowded gym. This program allows you to workout at Omar’s Private Gym in South Miami. You will also receive your very own training map created by Omar himself that is specifically tuned to your fitness level as well as your short term and long term fitness goals.

Flex Camp Provides You With

Accountability Program

Nutritional Plans

Access To Omar

Individualized One On One Training

Access To Omar’s Private South Miami Gym

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What Is The Pump Method ?

ThePumpMethod™incorporates precise pumping movements combined with bands, suspension straps, and weights that emphasize on blood restriction techniques to the muscle. Focused for both men and women. This high-intensity workout, will not only make you sweat but help you achieve strength, stability and metabolic output.

Techniques used in The PumpMethod™️ can help you burn up to a massive amount of calories per minute. That means one 40-45 minute PumpMethod™️ workout could help you burn away more than 1,000 calories every time! Every workout generates high amounts of metabolic stress to stimulate muscle-fiber hypertrophy and leave you with an epic pump you will never forget.

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