Science Behind the PumpMethod™

The muscle pump isn’t just cosmetic. It also contributes to muscle growth. Use multiple sets of moderate to high reps to engorge your muscles with blood. During a moderate-rep set, the veins taking blood out of working muscles are compressed by muscular contractions. However, the arteries continue to deliver blood into the muscles, creating an increased amount of intramuscular blood plasma.

The net result is blood pooling in your muscles which causes them to swell. Studies have shown that a hydrated cell stimulates protein synthesis and inhibits proteolysis. Cellular swelling by increasing protein synthesis can decreases protein breakdown within a cell. This decline creates an optimal environment for muscle growth. Increased fluid in muscle fibers leads to a stretch of the cell membrane. The stretching of the cell membrane also enhances muscle repair and growth after exercise while decreasing muscle breakdown that can occur over time. When you train, blood flow is diverted from many other bodily processes to supply that muscle with what it needs to perform at maximum capacity. Stimulating the muscle via ThePumpMethod™ can increase a larger capillary network improving blood circulation, athletic performance, body composition, and boost the growth of new muscle by releasing natural growth hormones. With this knowledge, you can visualize the muscle you are training and gain unique workout experience.

Omar F. Cordero, CMT® created ThePumpMethod™. ThePumpMethod™ incorporates precise pumping movements combined with bands, suspension straps, and weights that emphasize on blood restriction techniques to the muscle. Focused for both men and women. This high-intensity workout, will not only make you sweat but help you achieve strength, stability and metabolic output.

The Pump24™ workout program helps kick start the metabolism for sustained weight loss in as little as 24 days. This custom HITT program incorporates ThePumpMethod’s™ particular pumping technique to help store additional blood in the muscle for improved muscle development and fat loss. Obtain strength, improve stability and increase your metabolic output.

With Pump24, you’ll use ten different split routines based and named off specific mountain ranges to target your upper-body muscles and your lower-body muscles. If you were getting ready to climb a mountain, you would know all mountains come with particular challenges to overcome it. Pump24 bases the difficulty of each workout based on the difficulty and challenge one faces when trying to overcome a specific mountain. Get ready for Mt. Everest! Each intense workout will get your metabolic rate flying and stimulate muscle growth like never before. Techniques used in Pump24 can help you burn up to a massive amount of calories per minute. That means one 40-45 minute Pump24 workout could help you burn away more than 1,000 calories every time! Every workout generates high amounts of metabolic stress to stimulate muscle-fiber hypertrophy and leave you with an epic pump you will never forget. All you need is dumbbells, resistance bands and your best tool at your disposal (Your Body) The cutting-edge Pump24 training system brings the latest fitness science to deliver maximum results.

10 Workouts from the Pump24™ Series

(Unbroken Pump Tempo)

  • At 50sec convert from Pump to Full Motion
  • High-intensity interval combinations can burn about 14 calories a minute, say scientists at the University of Wisconsin. It also improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness more than an hour of steady-state, moderate cardio.
  •  Warning these workouts can be very strenuous and demanding on the body it is recommended you consult with a physician for physical clearance and a PumpMehtod™ training specialist to prepare you for these exercises classes.

Ayers Rock

  • 4X (3 to the count)
  • 50 TRX Leg Crunch
  • 50 dumbbell shoulder Press
  • 50 banded center crunch
  • 50 Side shoulder raises
  • 50 Front Shoulder Raises
  • 50 Rear Shoulder Raises
  • 50 Banded triceps extensions
  • 50 Arm Circles
  • 50 Crunches
  • (Each exercise you finish with 12 full range of motion after your 50.)


  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • TRX Inside out Squat Jump
  • TRX Pistol Pump
  • Banded Lunge Pump
  • Dumbbell Bridge Raise Pump
  • Banded Glute Raise
  • Banded Hip Abduction Raises
  • Banded Thusters
  • Bulgarian Squat Pump

St. Helens

  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • Bridge Pump
  • Side planks rolling arm
  • Sumodeadlift Pump dumbell
  • Side planks rolling arm
  • Variation bridges and hold
  • Side planks rolling arm
  • Jumping wide leg to plate with dumbbell
  • Rotational squats pivot the feet with dumbbell outward
  • Side planks rolling arm
  • One arm overhead lunges
  • Crunch to bridge
  • Fast Dumbbell Swings
  • 20 Burpees

Angel Falls

  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • TRX Wide Pulls
  • Burpees
  • TRX Close Grip Pulls
  • Burpees
  • Banded Butterfly Downs
  • Burpees
  • Banded top to bottom pull downs
  • TRX Wide Pulls Hold
  • Banded diver dumbbell side lift Pump
  • Banded back squeeze Pump


  • 4X 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • Ballet squats
  • Jumping Squats
  • Banded Pumping lunges
  • Banded Bended side walks 5x each side
  • (Plank Arm Lift)
  • (Use dumbbell then move to bands right away.)
  • Bicep supinated banded Pump
  • Hammer banded Pump
  • Reverse grip bicep banded Pump holds
  • (Plank Arm Lift)
  • Skater Squat Pump
  • Side Squat Pump with Sliders
  • Goblet Squat Pump
  • Bulgarian Squat Pump foot on dumbbell.


  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • Banded Pumping Leg Raises
  • Goblet Air Squats
  • Pumping Center Dumbbell Glute Raises
  • Goblet Air Squats
  • Bulgarian Squat Pump
  • Goblet Air Squats
  • TRX Super Wide Single Leg Lunge Glute squeeze
  • Goblet Air Squats
  • Weighted One leg bridge Pump
  • Goblet Air Squats
  • Walking lunges


  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • Push ups
  • Banded overhead Triceps extensions
  • TRX FLYS/Banded Flys
  • Diamond Pushups
  • TRX hand walks
  • Banded Tricep PullDowns
  • Burpees
  • Close grip push ups
  • Reverse grip banded tricep pulldowns


  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • Low Crunch
  • Plank ups
  • Mason Twist
  • Plank ups
  • Bicycle forward and Back
  • Side plank hip Raise
  • Heals to Heaven
  • Side plank hip Raise
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Dumbbell ground pound


  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • Dumbbell jumping jacks
  • Discuss
  • Low Lunge Pump/Alternate
  • Dumbbell skier swings
  • Dumbbell thrusters
  • Burpees
  • Rolling Planks hip drop
  • Front to reverse lunge
  • Plank 3 angle side jumps


  • 5x 1 minute of work 10 sec rest
  • (All Performed via PumpMethod™)
  • Banded Thrusters
  • Banded lateral raises
  • Banded full range lateral raises
  • TRX Ab Crunch
  • Banded front raises
  • Bended squat to full range lateral races
  • TRX Ab Crunch
  • Banded Face Pulls
  • Bended Rear dealt lifts
  • TRX Ab Crunch