The Chairman Team

​Rachel Lee Scherdin (Pilates Expert)

Rachel Lee Scherdin has always understood the importance of conscious living. As an avid fitness enthusiast, Rachel embraces all forms of exercise, she is a certified pilates instructor, sponsored athlete, certified personal trainer, and USAT certified triathlon coach. However, her beloved Pilates practice remains her foundation. It provides the core and strength training vital to her overall health and enhances her ability to not only excel in all other activities, but in life as an a young entrepreneur. Aligning her love affair with Pilates and her generous spirit, she has created Transition Pilates as a haven for anyone who is enthusiastic about becoming strong from the inside out. Toning, strengthening, and recovering are the fundamentals used to create this intense Pilates training.

Abel Fernandez (VIP Fitness Trainer)

Abel Fernandez is a certified personal trainer and has worked as a master trainer with several commercial fitness centers throughout South Florida. Abel specializes in various categories in fitness and has helped countless clients achieve their fitness goals. Abel runs mainly out of our Fortress Gym location where he maximizes the size of the facility to hone his skills as a fitness professional.