Whether it’s overall health, fitness or aesthetics, the most important aspects to successfully attain your goals it’s a combination of exercise and proper nutrition. Nutrition is the key component to any training program. We have developed a unique application to work with our clients to plan out custom nutritional diets and create ongoing nutritional programs to ensure proper direction to help our clients reach their goals.

Our app is made to guide our clients through their fitness journeys. With each progress update, clients will understand what they need to do to continue their workout success. The ChairmanFitness™ app is made to help anyone at all fitness levels.

The ChairmanFitness™ App is Available on IOS/Android devices.

* IOS App Download

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Our nutritional consultations services consist of an initial consultation and setup with a Sports and Exercise Nutrition Specialist understanding your habits, lifestyle, and challenges you may face while on your fitness journey. Depending on the program you select, you may be required to upload your photos weekly every Friday. We carefully analyze your progress weekly to make appropriate recommendations in order maximize your results

  • We include customized nutritional diets adjusted monthly based on your progress.
  • We provide weekly macro adjustments based on your progress.

*Macro adjustments come with a general variety sheet allowing you to chose specific foods based on macro recommendations*


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