The Lift2Help Project (Get America Moving)

The Lift2Help Project was founded with one purpose: to bring the fitness community together. By raising funds and spreading health awareness to the underserved in our society, we hope to unite our communities with a common goal. We understand many communities lack the resources and available fitness centers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The lack of available health foods and fitness experts can be seen and felt in these communities. Statistically, they tend to have more health and weight problems. Funds raised through the Lift2Help Project will be used to help children and adults alike. We hope to educate them on fitness, health, and overall wellness. By providing these communities with professional fitness experts, the Lift2Help Project aspires to help reduce cardiovascular disease and various other metabolic disorders. TheLift2Help Project partners with multiple charitable organizations to combine our efforts towards a better future. Together, we can unite to make our communities healthier and safer for everyone who lives in them. Contact us to learn more about how you can support our project and improve our community.