Creating Productive Workforces

One Step at a Time

We provide innovative solutions for individuals, groups, and corporations to change their habits, health, and lifestyle through fitness. Whether your company is looking to improve camaraderie, build a healthier workforce or give employees options to take their fitness goals into their own hands, ChairmanFitness™ can help. We offer dynamic seminars, classes, and team building exercise events. We work alongside you to design the most effective fitness program or workshop for your organization.

It is well established that a significant portion of healthcare costs is the direct result of largely preventable risk factors (e.g., hypertension, obesity, cholesterol, blood glucose, etc.). If not addressed, these health risks can lead to chronic diseases and medical conditions that can result in premature death, disability, and reduced quality of life. Additionally, these same medical conditions account for approximately 80% of the total costs of healthcare in America. Many of these non-inheritable risk factors are self-created and, therefore, reversible through the health behaviors of employees and their dependents. Those factors provide a tremendous opportunity for employers. Lifestyle factors such as physical activity, smoking, nutrition, personal safety, stress management, and sleep habits have a direct impact on health risks, health costs, and health outcomes. Considering how much of their lives employees spend on the job, the worksite is the single greatest avenue for improving the health behaviors and results of working Americans.

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