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ChairmanFitness™ Elite Fitness Professionals

Founded on the principals of excellence, ChairmanFitness™ provides a platform that allows us to produce some of the world’s best professional fitness training. By building a solid foundation of trust, expertise, and dependability, we’ve created a model that exemplifies high-quality service and client relationships. We’ve recruited some of the most intelligent and resourceful professionals in the industry. Our mission is to deliver an exceptional fitness environment. Feedback from our clients our allows us to modify our classes and business practices to ensure that each client has the most beneficial experience. With several elite trainers available, all you have to do is contact us to find the perfect workout schedule for you. Once we create your schedule, get ready to work!

What is ThePumpMethod™

Developed by Omar F. Cordero CMT®, the PumpMethod™ allows individuals to sculpt, tone, and strengthen their bodies safely and properly. Including resistance bands, weights, and body exercises, our program pushes your body to its limit! Starting from the ground up, the PumpMethod™ provides a solid foundation to slowly prepare your body for more intense workout routines. Once your body is ready for more intense workouts, the exercises introduced will continue to push your body to new heights. Because we implement custom made exercises for each muscle group, there’s nothing as unique as the PumpMethod™.  Get ready to feel the burn and pump up your workouts with the PumpMethod™!

About Our Practice

Our offices are conveniently located inside Body and Soul Miami across from the Village of Merrick Park. Our facilities are home to experts of every major fitness category. We’ve put so much work into our facilities we take up the entire block! Once you become a client, specialists can help you with body sculpting, weight and suspension training, animal flow training, steel mace training, CrossFit, boxing and a wide variety of other fitness practices. We also have a smaller facility in The Fortress Gym in West Doral. We’ll find a solution to work with you to achieve your fitness goals wherever you are located. Each of our trainers is master certified and elite in their professions. Our goal is to deliver world class service for each of our clients and live by this quote by founder Omar F. Cordero CMT® (Chief Master Trainer): “If you treat a client like any other client they will see you as any other trainer.” Check us out to really see that we’re not like any other fitness center around.

What is a Master Trainer?

Master Trainers are highly skilled fitness professionals with specialties in various aspects of fitness and exercise programs. Master trainers are the certified few who even the top personal trainers look to for inspiration, education, and coaching. Working with a master trainer means that you’ll receive guidance from an expert at the top of their profession. With extensive knowledge in all fitness and exercise categories, master trainers commit to a lifelong process of learning any and all things related to health and wellness.


Omar F. Cordero CMT® Is Recognized as a Brand Ambassador & Sponsored Fitness Professional with NFSports® 

NFSports® is a natural performance supplement brand that improves how we look, feel and perform.

Elite Personal Trainer in Miami

Omar F. Cordero, CMT®
Metabolic Training Expert

Omar F. Cordero CMT® is an Elite Master Trainer located at Body and Soul Miami in Coral Gables Florida. He is a Licensed Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Master Trainer with specialized certifications in Resistance Training, Endurance Training, and Fitness Nutrition. He has over 18 years experience working with many VIP high profile clients throughout South Florida. Omar is the creator of ThePumpMethod™ and the Pump24™ training series designed to help kick start metabolism for sustained weight loss. Additionally, he is recognized as a Sports Nutrition Specialist with the National Council of Strength and Fitness and is an Advanced Sports Performance Coach with USA Weightlifting overseen by the United States Olympic Committee. Omar is also a practicing Emergency Medical Technician, and CPR/AED certified with the American Heart Association. As a Fitness Specialist and Metabolic Conditioning Expert, he has been featured in numerous media outlets and Spanish television networks. He also speaks and conducts seminars educating the public on health and wellness. In practice, he focuses on weight reduction, body toning, and sports performance training and strategically specializes in exercise rehab methods to reduce pain and prevent injuries. Medical departments in the sports world now consist of a team of multi-disciplined physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, strength coaches, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals. As a practicing Master Trainer, he brings a team of experts and resourceful professionals that work together with him offering a holistic approach to his clients. Omar and the ChairmanFitness™ team provides personal training in Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Brickell and South Florida.



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The Chairman’s Self Intervention.

“Having been a fitness professional the majority of my life, I have experienced many client scenarios. Nevertheless, I was still missing a piece of the puzzle when it came to thoroughly understanding their weight loss goals. Instead of relying on my years of experience and scientifically proven textbook methods to gain more knowledge of weight loss, I decided to undergo a risky project to gain 35lbs in as little as three months purposely. I implemented this project to understand and feel first hand how clients truly live through the pains, cravings, and struggles of weight loss. Full Disclosure: this was a very complicated process. Experiencing the challenges my clients go through day after day during their weight loss journeys was eye opening. Because my physician didn’t recommend this project, we closely monitored my health during this project to ensure my safety. In the pictures below you see what I looked like before the weight gain, during the weight gain, and after the weight loss. The entire project took around eight months to complete, and it enabled me to see and understand my amazing clients from a whole new perspective.” Omar F. Cordero (Chief Master Trainer)


Before The Weight Gain Project


During The Peak Of the Weight Gain Project


Four Months After The Peak Of The Weight Gain Project

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“No matter what you do, the single most important factor to achieve your fitness goal is CONSISTENCY”.

Omar F. Cordero Chief Master Trainer

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We’ve partnered with the most advanced and dependable gyms in South Florida to align our services and provide you with the best client experience.

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Somi Fitness (South Miami)

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